Professional Localization Services

Product/service localization is a powerful vehicle designed to take your business directly to global clients and customers.

Technical Localization

This is the age of technology and scientific and technological industries, ranging from aerospace and civil engineering and energetics to consumer electronics and telecommunications are at the very heart of global business activities. Technical translation and localization include language solutions designed for these industries.

Our language solutions for science and technology include translation and localization of:

  • Technical documentation
  • Owner’s manuals
  • User guides
  • Patents
  • Software strings
  • Software UI
  • Technical marketing materials

As well as:

  • Language engineering and source code analysis
  • Linguistic and functional testing of localized products

Scalable Language Solutions for Science and Technology

Precision of information is essential in science and technology. Our language solutions have been developed to retain accuracy, structure and purpose of source materials across translated and localized versions.

Specific content requires a specific approach. Language products for technological industries are developed by experienced technological translators who understand the industrial dynamics and requirements, master the specific terminology, structure and purpose of scientific and technological materials.

All projects at Ciklopea are executed through Orchestrum, our homegrown workflow system for the ultimate consistency and smooth management of multilingual content.

We Are Part of Your World

Our solutions are a successful combination of linguistic knowledge, industrial experience and the advanced translation technologies, such as CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) and QA (Quality Assurance), tools in conjunction with highly developed translation and localization project management to provide superior language services promptly and within budget.

Software Localization

Information technologies and software are found everywhere – from Tokyo to New York, and from smartphone apps to big data systems. The rapidly evolving IT industry means there is a constant demand for high quality language products that will help companies communicate their messages to global markets and this is exactly what we do.

Our solutions for the IT industry include translation and localization of:

  • Expert software
  • Gaming software
  • Help Files and User Guides
  • iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Mobile apps
  • Large-scale enterprise systems
  • PC and Mac applications
  • Software UI
  • Technical documentation
  • Technical software
  • Websites

Scalable Language Solutions for IT Professionals

Whatever your requirements may be – software or website localization (l10n), translation and localization of user interface (UI), online content, agile localization of installed, Software as a Service (SaaS) or cloud-based applications, mobile apps or other digital products, Ciklopea’s experts, top project managers, experienced linguists and content producers who understand the dynamics of globalization are here to help you get your message across.

We Are Part of Your World

We combine linguistic knowledge, industrial experience and cutting-edge translation technologies such as CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) and QA (Quality Assurance) tools in conjunction with highly developed translation and localization project management to provide impeccable language services promptly and within budget.

Learn more about our software L10n solutions

Website L10n

A website is the ultimate channel of communication of today. It may function as an interactive platform for communication between a bricks-and-mortar company and its clients, or as the interface of an online service.

Yet, it is the public face of your business and website localization is here to help you present that face to the world.

Ciklopea’s language products for online globalization are a combination of a wide range of sophisticated language, consulting and technical solutions including:

  • ASO (App Store Optimization)
  • Multilingual keyword optimization
  • Multilingual Social Media Management
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) Translation
  • Website Localization
  • Website Summary Translation
  • Website Translation

Gateway to Global Audience

English is the dominant language of the online world, but it is not the first language to more than 70 % of Internet users. Getting your message localized in the first language of your prospective clients means you can present your product/services in a way they can understand will completely understand, appreciate and ultimately trust.

Scalable Solutions for Website Globalization

Our solutions have been developed on the basis of 10+ years of industrial experience, dedication to linguistic excellence and smart integration of advanced technologies. Website localization projects at Ciklopea are executed through Orchestrum, our proprietary workflow system for the smooth management of multilingual online content.

We Are Part of Your World

Whether you are localizing a corporate presentation, an e-commerce website or a personal blog, we have the solution for you.

Marketing Localization

Making your voice heard globally is a serious task. Marketing is increasingly multifaceted by the day, demanding a reliable partner with the required know-how, energy and thorough understanding of the global business dynamics.

Our language products for marketing localization are a combination of a wide range of sophisticated language, consulting and technical solutions, including translation and localization of:

  • Sales brochures
  • Leaflets
  • Newsletters
  • Fact sheets
  • Press releases
  • Websites
  • White papers and case studies

Scalable Marketing Solutions

Our marketing localization solutions have been developed on the basis of 15+ years of industrial experience, linguistic expertise and smart integration of advanced technology to help you reach, engage and nurture global clients.

Our expert teams are here to help you find that right path between the global consistency and local optimization and successfully adapt the style, tone and intent of your business message to the environments of the target markets.

All projects at Ciklopea are executed through Orchestrum, our proprietary workflow system for smooth management of multilingual content.

We Are Part of Your World

Regardless of whether you are running a marketing campaign for specific locale or localizing marketing collateral, we have the solution for you.

Media Localization

The dynamic world is always hungry for more digital content and localization for the international digital audiences is the most logical step in contemporary business.

Your strategy might include different formats and channels to publish on. If your project contains multimedia elements (audio, video, graphics), we can also help you adapt these elements for your target audiences.

Some of our services include:

  • Audio transcript translation
  • Cultural adaptation
  • Multilingual keyword optimization
  • Subtitles translation
  • DTP/proofreading of localized materials

We Are Part of Your World

Regardless of your strategy, desired formats and channels, we have the technology and the know-how to help you reach your global customers in the age of digital transformation.

Terminology Management

If you want to localize highly specific scientific or technical materials, the choice of appropriate terminology in the target language is one of the most important steps towards success.

We are fully aware that this issue requires particular attention and that in certain cases it is inevitable to invent the new terms to keep the clarity and precision of your message intact.

In addition, terminology is an important part of your brand identity. It makes your services and products recognizable for your communities and gives innovation a place in the market.

This is why terminology management is one of our key services.

We support you with:

  • Creation of multilingual terminology bases in cooperation with our linguists, SMEs and with your approval before the localization project.
  • Management and storage of terminology bases for use on future projects.
  • Implementation of the developed terms throughout the project.

We Are Part of Your World

We are here to make sure that your content reaches your partners and customers in the most precise manner, with your intended message and values safely delivered to the target market.

Supporting Services

Get all supporting services in one place.

DTP and Prepress Proofing

We can create and edit your localized materials using professional desktop publishing (DTP) software. The result is a linguistically, culturally and technically impeccable ready to print WYSIWYG file with edited layouts, images and textual elements.

Supported output formats: EPS, PDF, and other standard DTP formats

Supported DTP software: Adobe Acrobat, Adobe FrameMaker, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Publisher, QuarkXPress.

Software Testing

Testing of translated and localized mobile and desktop apps is the final step of quality control in software localization process.

Once the localized elements are integrated, software product is tested by the native professional linguists for clarity, consistency, accuracy and usability in the target language.

Localization team is thus able to see their work in real-life use and address any potential issue.

We take customer satisfacton seriously. And it shows.

95% Customers recommend us
98.1% Customers stay with us for 5+ years
99.6% Proven delivery accuracy

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