Value-Added Consulting

We help you optimize the operations in your company with the ultimate goal of achieving the optimum quality with smart application of resources and technology. Translation/localization process can be leaner and the results can be better. We are here to make it happen.

In-country Expert Review

Your materials are impeccably translated and localized. But will they really work on the target market? Enter Ciklopea’s in-country review, a solution to help you find out before it’s too late. Our native professional experts are here to help you check whether your content really resonates with the target audiences or whether it features potentially offensive or unclear aspects.

All professionals who directly process and shape the materials at Ciklopea, such as translators and proofreaders, are native speakers of the target language.  This helps prevent any instance of awkward, unclear or potentially offensive or misleading materials from being delivered.

However, if your materials have already been localized and you want to double-check their quality and appeal before the launch on a foreign market, we are here to help you check its:

  • Accuracy
  • Fluency
  • Clarity
  • Style

We also take into account the media and the target audiences, as well as the general context of the localized materials into account when performing our in-country review.

Our professional native linguists can help you check whether your product/service name, marketing campaigns and collateral really meet the requirements of the target market and can the message you are sending be really appropriately understood.

We at Ciklopea take security and confidentiality of your materials seriously and execute our projects in accordance with the international information security standards such as ISO 27001:2013.

Managed Services

You need the services of a localization Project Manager but translation/localization is not your core business? Hire one of our professional LPMs who will execute your project with your teams, at your location and within the required scope.

Ciklopea’s Managed Services model can help you centralize translation or localization projects, define processes, reduce costs, improve your efficiency and simultaneously achieve flexibility of translation and localization services. Our project managers incorporate our expertise, experience, skills and processes into your company, manage all linguistic processes and coordinate the localization and translation processes of your in-house team or a third-party LSP.  The model benefits include:

  • Cost reduction and risk minimization
  • Higher output quality and improved consistency
  • Focus on core business

Managed Services Models

  • Full process management – includes full-time engagement of our Project Manager. This model enables full utilization of your existing linguistic solutions providers, with Ciklopea managing the entire process.
  • Partial process management – you manage the process, our project manager provides the expert support. The primary role of the project manager is coordination of translation or localization projects on a daily basis.

Cultural Consulting

Different markets demand different approaches.This basic fact makes cultural intelligence a powerful asset in the globalized world – in conjunction with localization, technical and legal adaption, deep understanding of the target market is the key to the international success.

We can help you:

  • Assess the linguistic and stylistic quality of your textual materials
  • Identify the aspects of your message that require cultural adaptation
  • Shape the message in accordance with the target culture
  • Address all potential linguistic and cultural issues
  • Send your message in a culturally sensitive and linguistically impeccable manner

Understand your Audience

While translation and localization are used to communicate the WHAT of the corporate message, cultural consulting helps determine the HOW and thus represents a powerful tool used to find the best possible way of reaching the target audiences in accordance with their culture, values and expectations and making a successful foreign market entry and presence.

Content Production

It is hard to stand out and make a big splash in the digital age and we know it. That’s why we have developed multilingual content production services to help you create, optimize and share your message with the international audiences.

Ciklopea’s team of experienced native-speaking content producers and editors can help you with creation of:

  • Articles / blog posts on various subjects
  • Copies
  • General corporate materials
  • Persuasive marketing texts
  • Product and category descriptions
  • Specialized legal / medical / technical content
  • Web content
  • White papers / case studies / e-books

Original Multilingual Content

The content we provide is 100% authentic, written in an SEO-friendly manner, using the data from the target market research and following the project requirements. The completed written materials are independently checked for consistency, quality and style.


Ciklopea’s technical/DTP teams are here to turn your localized materials into the final, country-specific brochures, leaflets, IFUs, user manuals and other documents.

Desktop publishing or DTP is the service of creation and editing of translated and localized materials using the professional DTP software. The result is a WYSIWYG file with edited layouts, images and textual elements that is ready for printing.

Our experienced DTP departments work closely with our linguists to render the error-free, proofread and quality-checked finalized versions of your localized materials that only need to be printed and distributed.

We use all standard desktop publishing tools including but not limited to:

  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe FrameMaker
  • QuarkXPress
  • Microsoft Office

Content Review

It is easy to overlook that the quality of output will always largely depend upon the quality of input, both when professional human linguists perform translation in CAT productivity suites or when machine translation engines powered by artificial intelligence are used.

Our experience shows that no good translation can be produced when the source material is unclear, badly translated from a third language, when it features inconsistent or wrong terminology or when it is problematic in any way and, when localizing to more languages, these issues can only multiply.

This is why we offer the content review service designed to prepare the source material for localization to one or more languages.

Content review can include:

  • Cleaning, optimization and preparation of input data for MT + AI localization process;
  • Review,  correction of preparation of monolingual source materials for multilingual localization.

Content review can be performed on the basis of different parameters such as style, terminology, consistency, clarity and accuracy.

AI Training

AI-powered machine translation with professional human post-editing can do wonders in terms of optimization of costs and turnaround time. However, AI does not come from thin air. The machines need to be taught how to make the exact predictions that we need for the best possible effect.

We can help you develop customized AI-powered MT engines to suit your needs with:

  • Development of language corpora and digital translation assets;
  • Professional human preparation of the input data;
  • AI training.

If your requirements include localization of extremely large volumes of content or if you want to develop a customized MT engine for use on ongoing projects, in both cases you need a bespoke solution developed on the basis of your existing content and developed corporate message and this is exactly what we offer.

We take customer satisfaction seriously. And it shows.

95% Customers recommend us
98.1% Customers stay with us for 5+ years
99.6% Proven delivery accuracy

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