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The Four Eyes Principle in the Language Industry: How Does it Work?

Miloš Matović 3 years ago

Every serious language service provider has a quality management system in place that may include various steps depending on the project requirements. However, these quality management systems are always built around the two major phases of translation/localization project – translation and revision (also known as bilingual editing) that are performed by two individual linguists or linguist teams.

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Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian, Montenegrin: Challenges of Localization

Miloš Matović 5 years ago
Croatian, Bosnian, Serbian, Montenegrin: Challenges of Localization

The complex and diverse landscape of the South Slavic linguistic area may often seem bewildering from the outside. How many languages are spoken in the Balkans? Is it Serbo-Croatian? Do I have to localize my product to Bosnian or to Croatian? – These are some of the questions every LSP is likely to hear from new clients entering into the markets of Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro or Serbia, while the scientific and technical acronyms and names for these languages such as BCS, BCSM, Serbo-Croatian or Central South Slavic diasystem are of little help in clarifying this confusion.

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