An Outline of Central South Slavic Linguistic Landscape

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Localization to Croatian, Serbian, Bosnian, and Montenegrin [eBook]

How many languages are spoken in the Balkans? Is it Serbo-Croatian? Do I have to localize my product to Bosnian or to Croatian? – These are some of the questions every LSP is likely to hear from new clients entering into the markets of Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro or Serbia.

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While mutual intelligibility is a lovely thing when you are making new friends or reading a book, it may really jeopardize localization projects.

Martina Ljubičić, Production Manager

Contents of the eBook

1. Central South Slavic Linguistic Area within Europe
2. The Sources of All Confusion
3. Language IDs
4. Timeline of Serbo-Croatian
5. The Curious Case of Mutual Intelligibility
6. Localization is about the Market